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Models or no models?

So, many women would like to see a picture of a model wearing my headbands, other women find them distracting...

I still can't decide how I like my pics best, with models or no models.
I guess sometimes I like close ups of the fabric used for the headband, other times I like the way they look on a model, like this picture that I selected for this post.

When I submitted my store for a critique about the new pictures, everybody said that both options were equally beautiful, and that if you see a model wearing a headband, it'll give you a size reference.

Since I had never used models before, I was a little worried about changing the look of my store. But then again I found that some headbands started getting more popular and sold more often when I used the picture of a model wearing it.

What do you think?

Do you prefer a picture of just the headband? or a picture of a model wearing the headband?

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