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My old pictures, my new ones

The other day I was looking to the old pictures I used for my store when I started selling my headbands, and I can't believe how awful they were! Seriously. It is almost embarrassing to look at them again. But it also makes me a little proud about the new pictures I have taken lately. I've received many compliments and even some sellers have written asking for advice. I couldn't feel more honored [blushing here].

I've always been a fan of natural sunlight. The colors remain the same, and I don't have to spend hours editing the images. I like to take pictures outside of the house late in the afternoon or early in the morning, when the sun is not shining directly on my headbands.

It felt great to do this during the summer, but as the weather cooled down, and eventually reached below 32 F... well, taking pictures outside was out of the question. So, I moved my white background inside and used nice white lamps to do the trick. It worked perfectly! -At least with dark colors- light colored headbands are harder to photograph under artificial light, the white background makes it even harder. So I'm saving these white and light-colored headbands to be photographed in a few weeks, when we get a nicer weather.

In the meantime, I'll be working with real models wearing my headbands. We had our first photo shoot several weeks ago, and we got really nice pictures. I already started using them on my listings and the banners on my website. Check them out!

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